Panoply is an E-Multimedia composer and an interactive player for iPhone. Panoply enables creation of rich multimedia content with simplicity: even a child will be able to create a compelling experience. We want to make it possible for anyone to create and distribute such content all on the cellphone: no desktop needed, no coding required.

Panoploid is a companion app with similar capabilities for the iPad.

Create your next panoramic photo, business card, ipod playlist, greeting card, party invitation with directions, travel book with audio/video, executive multimedia presentation, art sketches, music video album with cover art: all on the iPhone.

Panoply is geared towards recreating an experience with sight, sound, map with details as much as it is about restoring a saved image.

Panoply does not impose strict order on the creative process: you can create and complete the whole scene if the inspiration strikes or just save the initial takes as sketches and complete them later. The edit facility allows any composite(hereon, we just use the term 'pano' for either a pano or a composite) to be edited anytime and Panoply saves your changes as a new copy with the old still around should you need it(if not, you can delete it!)

Panoply aids in creating panoramas or composites by automatically approximately aligning various snapshots of a scene approximately and providing mechanisms to adjust them so that they can be combined into a single panoramic whole.

Panoply stores content in a device independent format. That is, the component images are stored at the resolution of their capture, maps are stored with the latitude, longitude, extent. Texts and annotations(hereafter we just call it 'note') are stored with the text properties and description. This currently means that whenever a pano is edited, modified, and stored back, the changes are applied on the original to maximize the resolution of the result. Looking ahead, it means that should we release Panoply on devices with higher resolution, your current content can be presented on the device with the device native resolution. It also provides us with an ability to, in future, implement new features which will enable you to send higher resolution panos or send panos at a particular format(example: A4 size) of the panos that you have already created.

Panoply uses database technology(as opposed to document formats) to store the contents. This means that it will be fast and responsive. It also means that you can search the pano roll on many criteria(Address, Date, Date range, Notation, Latitude, Longitude) and the searches will be fast.

Panoply is built 100% on native iPhone technologies: there are no other third party software or software ported over from other platforms.

Some of the snapshots of various screens in Panorama are shown below

Most of the features of Panoply are discussed under the following topics


Attaching multimedia