Setting Color from color model

Currently only RGB color model supported. Graphics has by default gray scale color set. This can be changed to any RGB color.

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1. In the settings tab, tap on the Color button next to the color setting that you want to set

2. You should now see the color chooser. Choose the Red and Green components from the large square in the middle. Choose the Blue along the blue bar at the bottom. Now you have a smaller square of colors which presents 4x4 colors at the spot. Pick one more time from the smaller square, which shows the color picked. The top bar also displays the color.

Press 'Done'

3. When you go back to Panorama tab, you should see the picked color

Setting Color from the colors in a photo

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1. Turn the 'From Photo' switch on for the color setting that you want to change

2. Pick the photo from the Camera Roll that shows up(here the last one was picked)

3. Color chooser brings up the photo along with a 'cursor' showing the spot the pixel was picked from and the surrounding 4x4 colors of that pixel. Pick the pixel whose color you like, press 'Done'

4. You should the setting button background set to the color and the 'Color' text itself set to the complement of that color so that it is visible no matter what the color is set to.

5. Going to back, you should see that the setting has taken effect