Portfolio is a collection of Panos. Much like a book except what it is a sequential collection of panos with media attached to any or each of the pano components.

The following operations are available via the toolbar at the bottom.


Adds a new pano from the Pano Roll to the portfolio. The new pano is added after the current pano being displayed if any. Otherwise, it is the first sheet of the Portfolio

1 Press the '+' button 2 Left swipe on the Pano to be added 3 The pano is added to the portfolio in the next position to 1

Moves into view the pano to the right of the current one

Moves into view the pano to the left of the current one

The portfolio created is marked in the PanoRoll by a book icon. The location of portfolio is the location of the first image.


Allows you to create a new portfolio. Note that portfolios are automatically created, stored each time a new pano is added/deleted. There are no 'Save' buttons to be pressed.




Currently is just a place holder. Does not do anything.


When enabled, allows the current pano to be removed from the Portfolio.

Note that even deleting all the panos from a porfolio does not delete the portfolio itself. It makes the portfolio empty. The portfolio itself

continues to appear in the pano roll. New panos can be added to it. In order to delete the portfolio, delete it from the Pano Roll.

Deleting a Pano that is part of a portfolio from the Pano roll does not delete from the Portfolios in which it is contained.

Also, when a Pano is added to a portfolio, it does not cause more space to be taken for the image copy. Thus, adding the same pano to

many different Portfolios has minimal impact on storage consumed.

Gestures on Portfolio


Top navigation bar can be hidden with a touch at the top center portion. Similarly lower toolbar can be toggled to hide/unhide by a touch at the lower center portion

Left/Right(Up/Down) navigation

While one can use < or > buttons to move left, right(up/down), it is also possible to go to the next/previous pano by touching on the left one third(along width) or the right one third. This allows navigation to next/previous Pano when the tool bar is hidden.

Gestures for rotate and zoom available in the Portfolio workspace are available here as well.