2. Multimedia

We can attach multimedia(audio/video and also Photo/Pano/HTTP) to any component in the Panorama Workspace.

In order to do this, put the panorama in edit mode by pressing the Edit toolbar button in the panorama workspace.

Note that if you are capturing images, the Panorama workspace is already in Edit mode.

In edit modes, the info button is automatically enabled. Press on it. This displays a detail disclosure button(>)

on each of individual components in one of its corners. Note that you may need to undo frame and also pull up a particular component to which you would like to attach an 'OnDo'(this is the short form we will use for 'On ... Do ...' Currently only 'On Touch Do' is available) .

1 Info button is Enabled 2. Frame undo by pressing on {} 3. Detail disclosure button is visible

Pressing on the detail button brings us to detail disclosure about that particular image

1 Detail disclosure of selected image 2 On Touch Do option at the Bottom 3 Video (Camera Roll) selection

Select the appropriate media and press 'Go' this will bring us to the screen which will provide us with the ability

to select the media.

These are the various media options:

HTTP: A browser is brought up. Enter the URL of the http site. You can click on links in the page until the URL you would

like is reached.

Photo: Presents the camera for the photo to be taken.

Pano: Presents the Pano Roll to allowing us to select a pano

Record Video: Brings up the video recorder. You will have the ability to trim the video once it is taken.

Video: Ability to select video from the camera roll

Record Audio: Ability to record audio that will be played back when someone touches on the portion of the scene corresponding to this image in the pano. You will be able to record/playback/re-record until you are satisfied with the recording.

iPod Audio: Brings up the iPod interface with iPod music to be selected. You can select more than one.

Once you are happy with the selection(s), Press 'Done'

Press 'Done' again to get back to the Panorama Workspace.

Now the media button should show that media is attached: [M]

Touching anywhere on the image for which media was attached, will play/show the corresponding media that was selected.

Note that you will have to detach the media by pressing [M] and changing the status to ]M[ if you want to manipulate(rotate/move/zoom) a component on which an OnDo is attached.


Most of the media other than audio are controlled by the iPhone players that play the media. For example, when a video is played, it is played by the iPhone video player.

An OnDo with audio content while it is playing can be controlled via gestures on the image to which it is attached:

  • One touch: Start playing. If playing a single touch stops it.

  • Two Touches: The touches have to be stationary and simultaneous. Pause. If currently paused, unpause.

  • Forward/Rewind: It is possible to forward by swiping right or down and rewinding by swiping left or up. However, note that these are really beta features: we are as yet not happy with the control user has in this regard.

  • Faster Forward/Faster rewind: Two swipes instead of one similar to Forward/Rewind. These are also beta features.

  • Seek Forward/Back: Similar to faster forward/rewind except one finger is lifted before the next instead of simultaneously. A beta feature.