Pano Roll shows the Panorama composite image in the middle. The address(scrollable) and date are shown on the right. The address is created rather opportunistically -- that is if the time permits and the service is available at the time of capture. If there is no time for address resolution, only latitude longitude may show up. The address is approximate(as above, where it is incorrect). Currently there is not a way to correct it. We intend to allow it to be modified/corrected in future. Whether the address and date are show at all(by default they are), depends on the settings.


Single touch on an image shows its geo-location on the worldmap:

As a side note, the geolocation shown above(and in fact where ever it is displayed in images in this document) is approximate, close but incorrect(i.e., we have are not disclosed any true location in this document unless the place is a public place)


In order to delete a Pano, click on the target button, an x mark will appear, press on it.


A right swipe on a pano sends it using the current carrier(by default e-mail)

if bluetooth is the current carrier, the recipient will have to press 'send' in panorama workspace top bar button item(in this sense, the button marked send is 'send or connect' for the recipient even though the title just says 'Send') to connect.


At the very bottom(roll the pano roll up if this is not visible), there is a powerful search facility to search the Panos by:

  • Date

  • A Date range

  • Address

  • Location by latitude or longitude or both

  • A note that may be attached to a pano("Mom", "Stockholm" etc.,)

  • Something in the texts composed into the pano.

Search by date:

Format of date is US format, two digit day, two digit month followed by 4 digit year.

Note that we search with full address: Paris, France eventhough Paris shows up no results since the search could have interpreted Paris as Paris, Texas. Still we have no Panos. However, we have many from Cambridge, MA.

Format of address specification is flexible but normal postal format.